When Motivation Fails

Many companies and organizations have turned to the top motivational speakers to help them sustain their employees’ and members’ passion towards their work. As people become comfortable and settled in their jobs and respective positions, it is inevitable that they become complacent and less and less motivated.

Motivational SpeakerMost of the time, the degree of complacency and lack of drive can be seen in their mediocre outputs. And no one can blame them. They’ve been in the job for far too long, doing the same thing that it becomes a routine. There’s no more challenge and no more excitement. They need a shock that will bring passion back into their work lives.

A motivational speaker is described as someone who talks to inspire and motivate people to get into action and work on achieving a certain goal. Some are born with this skill and has an inherent charisma to encourage a big group. But more often than not, these speakers are also trained and experienced people who has in-depth knowledge of how to drive people to perform.

Though many people have attested to being inspired and motivated by certain speakers they’ve listened to, there are also those who swear that they got nothing out of it but a huge waste of time.

Here are some reasons why motivational talks fail sometimes:


All talk and no play.

Some speakers will simply stand on the stage and go into a one-hour narration of dos and don’ts. They will spew out tons and tons of information (mostly through a hail of power point bullets) and not once check with their audience for understanding. They are talking for themselves and will usually leave their audience with nothing but stiff necks and sore backs from sitting on an unpadded chair for one straight hour.

Too much of everything.

This motivational speaker is the opposite of the “all talk and no play” speaker. He bombards his audience with jokes and funny anecdotes and unending activities. He has all sorts of props and even costume changes. His participants would spend most of their hour probably standing on their feet running around. At the end of the hour, they’d be all tired and spent and will all hurriedly pack their stuff and go home. There was no takeaway. Too much play but not enough meat to promote learning.

Bedtime stories.

Keynote SpeakerSome people have been subjected to an hour of storytelling. There were tales of heartbreaks and triumphs. There were heart-wrenching stories of tragedies, terrible losses, and soaring successes. They cried buckets of tears and then cried some more. But in the end, they learned nothing. All they got were stories. They went home feeling inspired and energized but then realized that they didn’t really know how to succeed or overcome their heartbreaks and losses. They were only given the “what” but not the “how.” A good motivational speaker does not only seek to inspire. He also aims to provide guidance by giving his audience tried and tested steps that will help them achieve their goals.

One time only.

Other people have talked about attending a very moving talk by a very good motivational speaker and that’s all there is to it. The talk became nothing but a memory. It was that one day when they’ve felt so inspired and full of life. That one day when they felt they could own the world. One day. Just one day. So, what happened after? Nothing. There was no follow through. The fire that was ignited never really materialized into a full raging fire. There was no fuel to sustain it. There was no reinforcement like additional training or workshops to nurture the learning and track the progress. It became just a one-time thing, slowly fading to nothingness as the days pass by.